6 Reasons why you should never use an online website builder for your business

Digital Marketing

by Sam Munro 224 Views 0

There are loads of reasons why businesses shouldn’t build their company website via online builders. Its a common thing we come up against quite often and while there may be some instances where its the right thing for the business to do at the time, perhaps they are testing the waters on a new brand or product and don’t want to invest too much time on it,  the biggie is typically because the business believes they are saving money. Uhh ohhh!

You see the biggest cost self builders incur are missed opportunity, typically the site won’t compete with competitors and is unlikely to be found by search engines,which doesn’t really give your business or idea a good starting ground.

I have listed my top 6 reasons of why you should never use a website builder for your business.

1. Unsupported

They are usually made in Flash, which is unsupported by a lot of devices. Here at The Tomorrow Lab, we’re all about helping our customers create an online shop-front for their company that really sells their brand, services and products. Thats why we only create responsive and dynamic websites that can be used across all platforms and devices.

2. Reduced credibility

Your customers will seek the kind of services or products your business provides through search engines, like Google or Bing. In short Search Engines hunt out websites of highest relevance and reputation based on the search query, then displays them in order. We rigorously develop beautifully designed websites that are compliant with search engines allowing your website to be seen via search and to be there when you customers need it.

3. Spammy URL names

We can take care of registering your business online with your own personalised domain(s) which will be registered in your name, allowing you total control when you need it. Plus we’ll advise on the best domains based on your target demographic.

4. Ads that have to be present on your website

We don’t spoil the look and usability of your website with obtrusive adverts selling our online services. Instead we put a small credit at the bottom because we are creators and are proud of each and every website we design, build and host.

5. Site builders don’t care about success

A responsive and dynamic website is the beginning of something brilliant. However we realise that being online involves much more than just a website. Thats why we are a full service web agency who can help you develop a digital strategy to connect you to the people who matter to your business.

6. Continual Costs

While plans can range in price they are continual and the minute you stop paying your website goes offline. On hiring a company like us your website is yours forever. If you decide to host elsewhere we will package up all the files and assist with the transfer.

In closing the biggest reason you should hire an agency over winging it with a self builder is that agencies actually care about your online success. Every project we undertake has a dedicated account manager armed with stats and strategies to help ensure your website is the best it can possibly be and serves it purpose for your business- allowing your website to pay for itself.